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Training & Certification

01. Cyber Security Courses

Identify Application Security Flaws

HackCieux’s Cybersecurity Certification Course will help you in establishing a strong foundation towards your journey in the Cybersecurity domain. As part of this Cybersecurity course, you will be learning about the various fundamental concepts about Security essentials, Cryptography, Network Security, Application Security, Data & Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Cyber Attacks and Identity & Access Management.

Key Learnings: 


Become a cyber security specialist


An advanced practical skillset in defeating all online threats – advanced hackers, trackers, malware and all Internet nastiness including mitigating government spying and mass surveillance.


Explore the threat landscape – Darknets, dark markets, zero day vulnerabilities, exploit kits, malware, phishing and much more.


Develop a lifelong learning plan for potential careers in cyber security.

Cyber Security Course List

List of Cyber Security Courses:

1 – HackCieux Certified Ethical Hacker

The HackCieux Certified Ethical Hacker (HC | CEH) program is the most comprehensive ethical hacking course to help information security professionals grasp the fundamentals of ethical hacking. The course outcome helps you become a professional who systematically attempts to inspect network infrastructures with the consent of its owner to find security vulnerabilities which a malicious hacker could potentially exploit. The course helps you assess the security posture of an organization by identifying vulnerabilities in the network and system infrastructure to determine if unauthorized access is possible.

2 – HackCieux Certified Network Pentester

3 – HackCieux Certified Web App Pentester

4 – HackCieux Certified Mobile App Pentester

5 – HackCieux Certified Security Expert

Training & Certification

02. Workshop & Seminar

Workshop & Seminar Details

HackCieux trains you on Ethical Hacking in the most extensive manner. If you want to be a pro hacker then join with us. We have two types of programmes available, one is HCCCSE Grade 1(one day) and another one is HCCCSE Grade 2(two days). These two types of workshop are designed for beginners with no prior knowledge.

Training Methods


In-House Training


Live-Online Training


Classroom Training

HackCieux will provide:

HackCieux helps enterprises reduce the security risks by testing their web based applications and networks from new security threats. An ethical hacking exercise on your website to make it hack proof. Don’t let hackers deface your website & damage your reputation.If you are attacked, we will help you to protect from that attack. HackCieux Training Team presents its experience and expertise in the form of advanced offensive training workshop.

1 – Certification

  • HackCieux Certified Cyber Security Expert Grade 1
  • HackCieux Certified Cyber Security Expert Grade 2

2 –HackCieux Ninja Toolkit

Each participant will get E-tool Kit with tools used during the workshop and other support software and Operating System.

3 – HackCieux E-Cook Book

candidates will be provided with Information Security Cook Book containing detailed specifics of the contents.

4 – Internship Oppertunity

Chance to get selected for the Internship in HackCieux based on the examination at the end of the workshop

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