Even though a one-night stand may look sexy and alluring, it’s important to keep in mind that hooking up is an intimate erotic experience. If you do n’t take any precautions, you endanger both your partner’s safety and your sexual health. Because of this, it’s crucial to become completely open and honest with your potential connection spouse about your goals. Here are some pointers on how to approach a encounter in the most direct and informal manner conceivable.

1. 1. Identify his source of origin.

Jumping to conclusions about a dude’s intentions is the biggest error you can make. There is no assurance that he wants to rope up, even if you are flirting with him. He might been single and not at all interested in having sex, or he could be married and just looking to spice up his life. Asking him explicitly what he wants is the only means to be certain.

2..2. Overthrow the touch hurdle

A prominent aphrodisiac is real vicinity. More than any verbal offer actually could, a light touch on the shoulder, an arm or leg brush, or even an open kiss you win him over. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to establish chemistry with him and show him that you’re more than just your colleague.

3.. Get quite upfront.

Do n’t make excuses for your intentions. Telling him you’re solely looking for a encounter is much simpler than getting into an discussion over it. Back-and-forth texting does help create a sense of intimacy, but make sure to apply the right emoticons. Another effective way to maintain casuality is to check in on your feelings the following morning.

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